An Update on Q1 2024 Organizational Changes

An Update on Q1 2024 Organizational ChangesAn Update on Q1 2024 Organizational Changes

Earlier today, Chief Executive Officer Ham Serunjogi shared the following note on the Company’s organizational changes with all employees.

Hey everyone,

In my 2023 End of Year message I talked about how we need to continue being a team and culture that doesn’t shy away from making hard but important decisions. As we continue executing against our goals and growing our business, I am making the decision to move a handful of our US & UK based roles to being based within some of our African markets such as South Africa, Ghana, and Nigeria. Altogether, this change will affect about 20 of our teammates. All affected teammates have been notified. These are people who have been instrumental to the growth and success of Chipper, and I thank them for their many contributions. 

With these changes, we’re now almost profitable and expect to be cash flow positive before the second half of this year. Being a company that controls its own destiny isn’t just prudent, it is a competitive advantage. This change will also allow us to be more operationally efficient in a number of key functions. After our acquisition of Zoona/Tilt last year, we now have even more teams and offices across multiple countries. It is important we continue to pay attention to maintaining a high level of operational efficiency, in addition to cost efficiency. 

Our work remains unfinished, and the opportunity in front of us is larger today than it was when Maijid and I started Chipper five years ago. I’m grateful to you all for the hard work you do everyday, and excited to continue embarking on this journey with you.

Onwards and upwards!