Bank on Yourself: unlocking self-belief with Ezekiel

Bank on Yourself: unlocking self-belief with EzekielBank on Yourself: unlocking self-belief with Ezekiel

Our Bank on Yourself testimonials tell powerful stories, through our customers’ experiences. Each brings messages of ambition, determination and empowerment – traits we exist to enable at Chipper Cash.

Our latest testimonial features Ezekiel Orji. A multidisciplinary visual artist working in Lagos, Nigeria, Ezekiel, tells his story from the point he decided to launch his business, to overcoming self-doubt and experimenting with AI-led digital creating, to finding the inspiration to enter – and ultimately win – this year’s Chipper jersey design contest.

Having previously lost motivation to continue his design career, today Ezekiel relies on what he refers to as “the three Cs” to continue to progress his professional practice: creativity, confidence and consistency. Ezekiel also cites his continued trust in Chipper Cash to enable him to make and receive international transactions:

“Chipper comes in handy every time, especially when it comes to receiving money from my international clients…The Chipper USD Card gives me a window to pay for things such as subscriptions… it allows me to do my work effectively.”

Watch Ezekiel’s Bank on Yourself story.

Why Bank on Yourself?
Here at Chipper, one of our core values is Be Customer Obsessed. In practice, this means we are utterly obsessed with creating trusted and accessible products for our African community. 

We know behind every transaction is a real person, with a real need to move money globally and locally. And so, with Bank on Yourself, we are taking motivation from our customers. Our #BankOnYourself testimonials turn the camera on the African creative entrepreneurs, trailblazing a path in their chosen industries and who also rely on Chipper Cash to enable them to confidently pursue their ambitions.