Celebrating our DNA on Chipper Day

Celebrating our DNA on Chipper DayCelebrating our DNA on Chipper Day

Chipper Day falls on July 8th, when we celebrate Chipper Cash coming into the world. Chipper Cash was born in 2018. That’s four years of enabling more and more people to move money freely across borders. Four years of our amazing team members chipping away at barriers to banking. Four years of investing in our infrastructure, improving our service and increasing the products we offer.

In the past 12 months we have expanded our reach in the continent by launching in South Africa. We also broadened our global footprint by opening in the UK and US. On top, Virtual Cards are now live in Nigeria while in Uganda, our Global Stocks product is available to download and Send to Non-Chipper facility active. 

We are an ambitious bunch and are not stopping here. We will continue to open up borders, bringing high quality financial services to life in more countries. Throughout it all, we remain deeply connected to our roots and the mission we set out to accomplish: to unlock global opportunities and bring Africa together, one transaction at a time. To celebrate where we are today, our co-founders Ham and Maijid sat down for a Q&A about the origins and DNA of Chipper Cash.