Chipper Cash Issues One Million Cards

Chipper Cash Issues One Million CardsChipper Cash Issues One Million Cards

As of this week, we have issued over one million Chipper Cards to people living in Africa and beyond. And on top, Chipper Cash stands proud as the largest issuer of virtual cards in Africa.

The million milestone means a lot to us. Not only due to the positive impact the product is having on our customers’ lives – and also as it allows us to share the good news in blog posts such as this, but also because of the speed we have reached the millionth-mark. The Chipper Card in Uganda and the US have been live for just 12-months, while Nigeria is the most established market having launched in June 2021. Bringing trusted and reliable new products to market at pace are not just business wins, they’re enablers for growth and opportunity. 

Our Chipper Card product is vitally important in linking up underserved customers to the global economy – now more so than ever before. Digital money is moving at greater volumes and faster speeds than we have seen before, with cross-border trade expected to grow from almost $150 trillion in 2017 to over $250 trillion by 2027.

The oftentimes archaic nature of traditional financial services means many people are cut out of the online economy. This is where products such as the Chipper Card can provide a secure and convenient way to make online transactions, which is particularly beneficial in regions where banking infrastructure may be historically limited. 

Here at Chipper we know that for many users in Africa, having easy access to a payment card offers both consumers and small businesses a quick route to e-commerce, payments and financial transactions. From shopping to streaming, food delivery to rideshares – the online world can be your oyster with a payment card. Our 2022 data shows that, for 21% of customers, getting a Chipper Card was their first time accessing a payment card.

We are delighted to have hit the millionth-mark, and we’re not stopping here. With Chipper ID set to revolutionize onboarding for businesses serving the continent and more developments soon to follow, we know success for Chipper means success for Africa and the diaspora.

You can apply for a Chipper Card in seconds via Chipper Cash. Download the app here.

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