Chipper Day and Our Team's Superpowers and Passions

Chipper Day and Our Team's Superpowers and PassionsChipper Day and Our Team's Superpowers and Passions

Something very important for us happened on July 8th, 2018. Chipper Cash was introduced to the world. People across Uganda were finally able to Move Their Money Freely! Kenya and Ghana followed quickly.

That’s why last year we declared July 8th as “Chipper Day”.

Chipper Day is an opportunity for us to celebrate and reward our customers. Chipper Day is also a day to recognize and appreciate our team.

Over the past year, I learned a lot about our team. Specifically, I learned about their superpowers and their passions. And I want to share some of the things I've found to be pretty incredible...

Our Chipper Family is made up of:

  • People helpers. We asked our team what they felt were their “Superpowers”. The highest number of team members said “Helping People”. That’s a pretty awesome superpower.
  • Globetrotters. Traveling is our team's #1 hobby. Not too surprising for a company that at its core is fundamentally about connecting people across borders and around the world.
  • Knowledge seekers. “Reading” was our #2 hobby!
  • A semi-professional footballer
  • A member of Kenya’s ladies’ motorcycle riders club
  • Several U.S. army veterans
  • A former olympic competitor
  • Many polyglots, including one team member who speaks 7 languages
  • Volunteers and community leaders who have founded or are active in nonprofits and charities that support many causes, including empowering female victims of genocide and children who have visual impairments.
  • BFFs: Several team members attended the same primary school in Accra, Ghana
  • Scuba divers, cyclists, runners, musicians, dancers, readers, hikers, campers, poets, woodworkers, classic car remodelers, chefs...and so much more.

It’s impossible to capture every superpower and passion of our Chipper Family in a single blog post. But, I can tell you we share a passion for chipping away at hard problems. And our collective superpower is being able to do that each day.

Happy Chipper Day!