Chipper introduces USD account: open instantly, get paid in dollars directly

Chipper introduces USD account: open instantly, get paid in dollars directlyChipper introduces USD account: open instantly, get paid in dollars directly

In an increasingly interconnected world, access to financial services is a key requirement for economic growth and individual empowerment. Africa, with its resilient economies, is at the heart of this need. So, the introduction of our newest product – the Chipper USD account – a US dollar-denominated account for people living in Africa, is important. We firmly believe easy access to trusted and reliable financial services can serve as a catalyst for economic development, global trade and financial inclusion on the continent.

Open instantly, receive dollars directly, connect globally
We are launching the Chipper USD account first in Nigeria, before rolling the product out to other countries in Africa. The Chipper USD account is being premiered at Moonshot by TechCabal (11-12 October 2023) in Lagos, Nigeria.

With our new product, people can gain access to a USD account number, and receive dollars directly into their account. On top, with the Chipper USD account, customers can fund their Chipper Card to shop, stream and spend online. We also offer instant account opening. 

Offering creators a new way to transact
Right across the continent you will find a thriving creator economy. In part due to increased access to digital technologies, growing demand for digital content and the rise of e-commerce. With just under 50% of creators using new platforms and technologies to monetize their content and reach a wider audience, access to financial services that make receiving funds as smooth as possible counts.

With the Chipper USD account, creators, freelancers and remote workers can receive dollars directly into their own account, allowing this growing cohort to engage in global commerce more efficiently. It also simplifies transactions with international partners, payers and funders by reducing exposure to exchange rate fluctuations. 

The conversation continues at Moonshot, where we’ll be joining a panel exploring the future of the creative economy and the pivotal role that Chipper is playing to shape and support it. Watch our launch video:

Customers in Nigeria can apply for a Chipper USD Account via Chipper Cash. Download the app to get started.