Chipper Services 100% of States in the US and Holds 40 Money Transmitter Licenses

Chipper Services 100% of States in the US and Holds 40 Money Transmitter Licenses Chipper Services 100% of States in the US and Holds 40 Money Transmitter Licenses

Chipper has you 100% covered in the US. From Delaware to DC, Illinois to Virginia, Arizona to Oregon, retail and business customers can use Chipper Cash to securely send money domestically and internationally in every US state. This is thanks to Chipper’s US licensing program which has seen the company obtain money transmitter licenses for 80% of US states, with well-established banking partnerships supporting operations in the remaining 20%.  State money transmitter licenses are important as they govern the safety and integrity of the payment infrastructure.

The expansion of our US licensing program now totals money transmitter licenses for 40 individual states, marking a substantial leap forward in our journey to fulfilling our mission – and setting us apart in the fintech landscape.

Our journey to acquiring these 40 licenses has been a progressive stride, beginning in 2021 and gaining momentum in 2022 and 2023. This journey reflects our commitment to meet our mission: to provide the most trusted and reliable financial services to Africans and African Diaspora. These 40 licenses, in addition to the 15 we hold across the continent, further strengthens our global licensing portfolio to 55 licenses worldwide, and is a testament to our global reach and commitment to regulatory compliance.

"We extend our deepest appreciation to regulators in all the jurisdictions that we operate in," says Naledi Ngubeni, Chief Compliance Officer. Their guidance and oversight have been invaluable in ensuring we maintain the highest standards of financial security and integrity. These licenses aren't just legal formalities, they embody our core values of providing reliable, safe and trusted financial services. They symbolize our pledge to adhere to stringent regulatory standards, ensuring the utmost security for our customers' transactions."

Our expanded licensing portfolio is a cornerstone achievement for Chipper this year, and one we will build on as we strive to acquire all 53 US money transmitter licenses in 2024 - across all American states and territories. We're excited about the future, and we thank you, our customers, for being part of this incredible journey. Here's to building Chipper so we can do even more to enable your financial empowerment and innovation! Onwards.