Chipper showcases some of Africa’s brightest and best entrepreneurs in new video series

Chipper showcases some of Africa’s brightest and best entrepreneurs in new video series Chipper showcases some of Africa’s brightest and best entrepreneurs in new video series

Here at Chipper, one of our four core values is Be Customer Obsessed. We show up to work each day with this mantra at the forefront of all we do:

We are utterly obsessed with creating trusted and accessible products for our African community ... We push limits and are relentless in our pursuit to delight our customers with every transaction and interaction.

In practice, this means we build, empower and celebrate the success of the amazing customers who choose Chipper Cash 💜.

We know behind every transaction is a real person, with a real need to move money globally and locally. And so we are excited to introduce our newest video series that’s all about taking motivation from our customers. Our #BankOnYourself testimonials turns the camera on the African creative entrepreneurs, trailblazing a path in their chosen industries and who also rely on Chipper Cash to enable them to confidently pursue their ambitions.

Meet Uzo Umeh: El Padrino X Chipper Cash 
Uzo Umeh is the founder of El Padrino, one of the first Naija-Mex restaurants in the country. It's hard to imagine Lagos without the Taco Tuesday culture that Uzo has built over the past six years. Starting with a small pop-up in Ojora Colony, Lagos, Uzo's love for community building has turned her restaurant, El Padrino into a global hub where people from all walks of life find common ground over delicious tacos. From Lagosians trying their first taco to seasoned taco lovers, El Padrino has become a go-to spot for anyone looking for a great time and new friends.

Uzo Umeh, Chipper customer, founder and owner of El Padrino

"Chipper has been an absolute game-changer for my business,” says Uzo. “From the convenience of the scan-to-pay option that saves my customers money on transfer fees, to the ability to easily send money to multiple vendors daily without any extra charges, Chipper has helped me streamline my operations and grow my business.”

Uzo also uses Chipper’s newest product, the Chipper Card, to pay for online ads, subscription fees and accounting services: “I can't imagine running my business without the support of Chipper," she concludes.

Explains Goldie Iyamu, Marketing Campaign Manager at Chipper Cash, “Through this new, regular series of video testimonials, customers will share their own experiences building, nurturing and growing their businesses. It’s inspirational stuff as we hear people talk about their motivation to forge a new career path, putting their creativity to the test and–with Chipper behind them - finding the tenacity to keep going no matter what–the essence of #BankOnYourself. 

“We hope our new series will promote some of the brightest entrepreneurial businesses coming out of Africa, and perhaps even inspire the next-generation who are beginning to dream about doing their own thing. Throughout, we’re proud each of these business-savvy superstars decided to use Chipper to fuel their professional ambitions and drive home financial inclusivity across the continent.”

The first of the testimonial series featuring Uzo launches today. Stay tuned for more to drop over the coming weeks and months.