CNBC Africa interview with Ham Serunjogi

CNBC Africa interview with Ham SerunjogiCNBC Africa interview with Ham Serunjogi

Ham Serunjogi, co-founder and CEO of Chipper Cash, was invited to be the guest speaker on a recent episode of CNBC Africa’s Closing Bell program.

During the wide-ranging interview, Ham spoke about the fallout from the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and praised the swift action taken by the US government to kerb the ripple effect on the tech ecosystem and wider financial industries: 

“If there is a lack of confidence in the financial and banking systems, it creates a domino effect where you see people lose confidence across the board, and you will see even more runs on banks happening.

“This really, really strong statement and move by the government to back every single depositor fully, has really helped and restored a significant amount of confidence in the banking industry – which is key to containing the fallout that could have been much, much worse.” 

Moving the interview on, other subjects discussed were the company’s intended acquisition of the Zoona group to further expand Chipper’s already established business offering, plus Chipper’s new card product that is opening up the global economy for the continent:

“One of the really standout growth products for us right now has been our Chipper Card product… We have issued over 600,000 cards across Nigeria and Uganda and expanding soon to Ghana… it’s a really powerful product... With that product, people can now interact with the online economy very easily.”

Chipper Cash exists to unlock global opportunities and connect Africa, and you can see and hear how the company is delivering against this vision throughout the interview. Watch now.