Download Chipper And Get Going Right Away In Nigeria

Download Chipper And Get Going Right Away In NigeriaDownload Chipper And Get Going Right Away In Nigeria

We’re always striving to make using chipper as easy as possible. That’s why we’ve made some changes for those of you who are new to the Chipper ecosystem in Nigeria -- and the good news is that we’re making it easier than ever to get set up so you can start sending money to friends and family.

What’s Changed?

As of today, our Nigerian customers will be able to access local P2P transfers, discounted airtime and data bundles, along with the ability to make bill payments all through a new, more straightforward and streamlined onboarding process. More specifically, we have reduced the amount of information we require from new customers to get their accounts set up and going, making it easier and quicker for people to get their accounts up and running.

Our goal with this update is to allow those new to Chipper to download the app and start exploring what we offer immediately.

Updated Limits For New Customers In Nigeria

When you sign up to our initial verification tier, there are also a few daily, monthly, annual, and wallet transaction limits.

Transaction Limits For New Customers On Our Initial Tier of Verification

  • Daily: 42,000 Naira (~$102 USD)
  • Monthly: 210,000 Naira (~$510 USD)
  • Annual: 1M Naira (~$2,433 USD)
  • Wallet Limit: 300,000 Naira (~$729 USD)

Want More Products?

To access higher limits and our full range of products, you’ll simply need to provide us with some further information, including a valid form of identification.

Once you’ve sent your first few transactions, you can upgrade to our full suite of products. These include the ability to send cross-border payments, access virtual Visa cards, purchase US stocks, request money from friends, and even earn via our referral program.

We’re Focused On Making It Easier To Get Going With Chipper

We are working hard to expand the new tier of verification to other markets, so keep a lookout for it in your country! To keep up with other product updates, make sure you subscribe to our email list.