How to send money to Nigeria the fast, easy way

How to send money to Nigeria the fast, easy wayHow to send money to Nigeria the fast, easy way

Two-thirds of young people in Nigeria are planning to move abroad in the next three years, according to a new survey by the Ichikowitz Family Foundation. The number of people under 25 dreaming of a new life outside of Nigeria is higher than the African average of 52%.

Some of the factors that are motivating young Nigerians to aspire to a new life abroad include:

  • The disproportionate effects of climate change on the African continent
  • The economic crisis in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Instability and insecurity — in Nigeria, the risk of kidnapping for ransom is so high that many people are afraid to go out at night.

While this paints a bleak picture, it’s not all doom and gloom — 75% of young Africans feel optimistic about their own futures. Perhaps those thinking about a move abroad to countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom feel especially hopeful. 

If you’re among those considering uprooting in search of a better life and more opportunities — or have already made the leap — you might be wondering how you can send money back to your family in Nigeria quickly, securely, and with low transfer fees. 

Chipper Cash is a money management app that lets you make secure online money transfers with no fees and the best exchange rates. In this article, we’ll explain how you can send money to Nigeria using Chipper Cash.

How Chipper helps you send money to Nigeria quickly and efficiently 

For decades, millions of people across Africa have lacked access to reliable financial services, with only 48% of people having a bank account as of 2022.

However, things are quickly changing thanks to the introduction of new tech companies shaking up the financial landscape in Africa. These companies are collectively referred to as “fintech,” — i.e., financial technology. 

Africa is the second-fastest growing payments and banking market after Latin America. GSMA estimates that half the continent’s population will have a mobile subscription by 2025, making it easier than ever for the African diaspora to send money home using fintech apps and services.

One such platform is Chipper Cash, a money management and international payments app that provides innovative financial solutions and helps people in Africa transfer money across the continent and the rest of the world. 

But if you’re considering signing up for a fintech money transfer service, you may have some concerns around security. 

With Chipper Cash, you don’t have to worry — our services are built on the principles of trust and reliability. We encrypt your payment information and personal data to protect you from any unauthorized transactions, providing a totally safe and secure platform for sending money to Nigeria. 

Getting started with Chipper Cash is fast and easy — simply complete the following steps:

  • Download the Chipper app from Google Play or Apple App Store.
  • Open an account — it’s fast, free, and easy to set up.
  • Select the account you wish to send money to, the currency you wish your recipient to receive (in this case, Nigerian naira), and the amount you want to send.
  • Hit transfer, and you’re done!

Chipper features designed to help you send money to Nigeria

Here are some of the Chipper Cash features that enable you to send money to Nigeria whenever you need to.

Free, lightning-fast transfers

No more waiting for days to make sure your loved ones back in Nigeria receive your money. Chipper gives you the benefit of free instant transfers at the lowest cross-border rates. This means more money stays in your pocket — and more arrives in their bank account.

As easy as sending a text

The Chipper Cash app is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for everyone to use, regardless of their background or tech abilities. You’ll soon learn it quickly enough to teach it to everyone around you!


Still concerned about the safety of your money? Chipper Cash is here to put your fears to rest. We employ a robust team of competent developers who work tirelessly to ensure all our processes are trustworthy, reliable, and secure. 

Plus, everyone on Chipper verifies their identity for increased security, and each user has a unique @ChipperTag. With @ChipperTags, you can always be sure you’re sending money to the right person.

Send money to Nigeria quickly and securely with Chipper Cash

For Nigerians living abroad, being able to make fast, cheap, and secure transfers back home is essential. Chipper Cash’s mission is to provide those services for Nigerian folk and people of the continent, as well as the African diaspora and everyone else in the world. 

Using the right platform can transform how you send and manage your money. Not only can you make instant money transfers to loved ones with the best exchange rates — you can also use your Chipper account to pay bills and school fees, get cashback on Airtime, and buy and sell stocks and cryptocurrencies. 

If you’re ready to embrace the power of fintech, join 4 million users across Africa and the world by signing up for Chipper Cash and start sending money today.