Infographic: the Chipper Cash stats fuelling the ambitions of the continent

Infographic: the Chipper Cash stats fuelling the ambitions of the continent Infographic: the Chipper Cash stats fuelling the ambitions of the continent

We always knew Chipper Cash customers were an ambitious bunch. It’s why we build financial solutions to empower and inspire Africa’s makers, creators, investors, shoppers, gamers and small business owners. We’ve crunched the numbers behind last year’s (2022) transactions and usage in Africa across our stocks, crypto and cards products. Here’s what the data tells us:


Chipper Cash stocks stats from 2022

Our stocks product lets you invest in global companies like Google, Visa and Walmart, with just $1. Last year almost 140,000 new stock accounts were created by investors from Nigeria and Uganda. With an average of 2.5 trade per month spread over investments in around 3,900 different options, almost 41% of customers used Chipper to buy their first ever stock. The number one most popular stock that customers want to invest in? Apple! As Ham Serunjogi, CEO and co-founder of Chipper Cash recently commented: “Our stocks product is a game-changer and one of the most loved products on the @chippercashapp platform. Wealth creation is a key pillar of economic and social development, and we’re proud to democratize this for our users."


Crypto usage on Chipper Cash in 2022

The Chipper on-chain cryptocurrency wallet supports BTC, ETH, SOL and many more. From it you can buy and sell, send and receive crypto. Almost two million transactions took place in 2022, with each user averaging a total of 11.5 transactions per month. The ratio of crypto users at Chipper is 7:3 male to female, which largely follows the global trend.


Statistics from Chipper Card usage in 2022

The Chipper Card enables people to pay online using an internationally accepted Visa card, without the need for a bank account. Last year, more than 500,000 cards were issued – providing immediate and easy access to apps, streaming content, subscriptions, booking flights and hotels, and millions of other use cases in the vast online global economy. As Chipper customers nurture hyper-local small businesses and grow their online presence, among some 480,000+ merchants, popular places to spend online were Facebook Ads, Google Apps and games. For some 21% of our customers (over 105,000 people), getting a Chipper Card was their first time using a payment card. We launched the Chipper Card in Uganda, where around 40% of the population is unbanked, in October 2022. We wrote about the importance of introducing the Chipper Card to the country as an enabler for growth and opportunity here.

Chipper Cash was founded in 2018 with the vision to unlock global opportunities and connect Africa. We believe by providing the most trusted and accessible ways to do this, we can not only spur trade and commerce but can accelerate the development of an interconnected economy on the continent. We are excited to continue to help Africans access world-class financial services through their free Chipper account. Download Chipper Cash today.