Introducing Chipper for Business

Introducing Chipper for BusinessIntroducing Chipper for Business

Just five months after the launch of Chipper ID, an AI-led onboarding and verification service tailored for Africa, we are pleased to introduce our latest offering: Chipper for Business.

Chipper for Business is a payment solution designed to facilitate transactions for both global and local organizations operating on the continent. It comprises three core offerings – bulk disbursements for efficient fund transfers, bulk collections for streamlined payments, and robust FX services. Our target clientele includes international money transfer operators, fintech firms, NGOs, microfinance institutions, crypto platforms, and private enterprises seeking reliable payment channels into Africa. Settlement can be made in both local and global currencies. 

Explore the features of Chipper for Business

Having transformed the financial landscape for consumers living in Africa, we are now applying our knowledge to empower businesses transacting across the continent.

Chipper for Business makes use of our well-established ecosystem. This means we can offer global reach which is largely unmatched. Through a strategic amalgamation of owned licenses and key partnerships, we have established a commanding geographical presence which offers Chipper for Business customers access to over 40 markets.

In addition to our expansive reach, our intuitive API offers seamless connection and comes with advanced encryption and security measures. And, given our fundamentals of moving money, our platform facilitates transactions across diverse markets, methods, and currencies.

We believe Chipper for Business is more than a payment solution; it is a testament to our commitment to help redefine the financial landscape of Africa. Check out Chipper for Business.