"Keep Going" — Black Sherif

"Keep Going" — Black Sherif"Keep Going" — Black Sherif

It’s official.

We are thrilled to welcome entertainment icon Black Sherif (aka Blacko) to the Chipper family!

The Ghanaian rapper has had a meteoric rise not only in Ghana, but all across the world. His sincere music, combined with an exceptional, animated onstage presence, has become his unique signature and established him as an internationally recognized star.  

Blacko has released some great music, including his singles Kwaku The Traveler and Soja, and now, this work has been crowned with his debut album, The Villain I Never Was.

The 14-track album is characterized by honesty and agony, and it embodies everything the 20-year-old stands for — being candid and true to himself. In his music, Blacko expresses his anguish, introspection, frustration, loss, and even doubt, among other situations and emotions people face but rarely speak about.

Despite all the challenges he has been through, Blacko continues to shine, and he has already accomplished what most artists can only dream of. His life, art, and profession embody the “Keep going” attitude, which we believe in at Chipper.

Ultimately, our goal with “Keep going” is to embody the spirit of pursuing your dreams – or, as we like to put it, to chip away at seemingly impossible problems so we can edge closer to achieving our mission of providing the most trusted and accessible financial services to Africa and beyond.

Blacko’s talent and attitude make him the perfect partner to enhance the Chipper “Keep going” spirit. A major component of our partnership will be our commitment to empowering the Chipper community by unlocking global opportunities to connect the African continent.

Here’s to a great journey and building together!