Participate in the Airtel Uganda IPO with Chipper

Participate in the Airtel Uganda IPO with ChipperParticipate in the Airtel Uganda IPO with Chipper

In what is set to be one of the most exciting initial public offerings (IPO) on the Ugandan Stock Exchange this year, Airtel Uganda, a leading telecommunications company, is selling shares to the public for the first time. 

Airtel’s debut opens doors for individual investors in Uganda who can now participate in the IPO through an authorized selling agent/stockbroker, such as Chipper Technologies Uganda Limited (“Chipper”).

For many people in Africa, investing in IPOs was once considered a privilege reserved for institutional investors. However, the landscape is changing, and Ugandans now have a chance to own stakes in companies, such as telecom giant Airtel.

Participating in Airtel’s IPO by applying for shares through an authorized selling agent/stockbroker offers numerous benefits for consumers. It allows for efficient, transparent, and secure access to the stock market. Brokerage firms offer expert guidance and support throughout the process, helping consumers make informed investment decisions.

For individual investors using a brokerage firm such as Chipper, participating in Airtel's IPO can be an opportunity to diversify investment portfolios, gain access to a potentially lucrative investment opportunity and contribute to the growth of their local economy.

Uganda Securities Exchange (USE) admitted Chipper as a stockbroker on the market in August 2022. Chipper is also a USE Securities Central Depositary Agent.

We are proud to be a licenced stockbroker and to work in partnership with the regulator to increase participation in the Uganda stock market. We share the USE's view that democratization and growing an inclusive market are key to boosting the financial inclusion agenda.

In addition, we should consider that Airtel's decision to go public in Uganda signifies their confidence in the local market's growth potential. This move not only opens doors for individual investors but also promotes economic growth in the region.

The Airtel IPO is open now and closes at 4pm EAT on 27 October 2023 (more information here). Ready to begin your investing journey? Create a free Securities Central Depository (SCD) Account today  and apply for Airtel Uganda shares by visiting the USE Easy Portal and choose Chipper as your stockbroker.

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