Spotlighting Service at Chipper

Spotlighting Service at ChipperSpotlighting Service at Chipper

Customer Service Week is celebrated worldwide to recognise the importance of great service and the people who work tirelessly to deliver it. For us, we think about things from the perspective of our external customers who choose Chipper for a frictionless way to send and receive money cross-border or invest in stocks and crypto, as well as our internal customers–the colleagues we partner with each day as we go about solving some of the hardest problems.

This year, Customer Service Week was themed “Celebrate Service.” Here at Chipper, we took the opportunity to bring our people together to celebrate all we have achieved so far, and regroup to find that extra burst of motivation to push the limits and deliver even more for our customers. After all, one of our values is Be An Owner–where everyone who works here is encouraged and empowered to take the initiative to make things better.

To conclude the week, our team in Ghana made a showreel to capture the things they keep in mind as they chip away at our mission: to provide the most trusted and accessible financial services to people living in Africa and beyond.